Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Using key online tools to organize MoneyBahn fans

Going online with a new idea is a lot easier if you take advantage of available free online resources like the ones I described in the article Ten Free Social Media Things You Can Do. While I wrote that article in the context of organizing aviation safety professionals around a specific issue, it is no different than what I'm doing with MoneyBahn, where my aim is to organize individuals who are looking for insights into how to develop as an independent investor.

Within a day of deciding to start this resource, I mapped out a way to combine numerous new and existing online resources like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and iTunes, as well as tools like Feedburner, and mailing lists. The goal wasn't to inject MoneyBahn into every possible corner of the web, but to make it easy for anyone who is interested to keep in touch. If you are reading this, you probably use one or more of these services and tools regularly. If you have any suggestions on how you would like to see then used, please leave a comment below.

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